Lunch Symposium

Wednesday April 17th 2019 from 1-2 p.m
Sponsored by Imedos Systems GmbH

Title: Retinal Vessel Analysis – applied physiology and clinical application
Chairpersons: Henner Hanssen (Basel, CH), Richard Siow (London, GB)

13:00 Retinal Vessel Analysis: a biomarker of cardiovascular risk
H Hanssen (Basel,CH)

13:15 Retinal microvascular dysfunction in heart disease
A Flammer (Zurich,CH)

13:30 Retinal vessel imaging: predictor for mortality in end stage renal disease – The
ISAR study
C Schmaderer (Munich, DE)

13:45 Microvascular dysfunction in obesity and diabetes: causes, consequences and actions
AJHM Houben (Maastricht, NL)